NZPI Conference: Back to the Future … “where we’re going we don’t need roads”

Here at the Auckland Design Office, we’re very excited about going to the New Zealand Planning Institute 2015 Conference this April.

This year’s conference, titled Back to the Future, is expected to be the largest yet and is over-flowing with inspirational speakers from the US, Australia and beyond. We’re particularly excited to hear from Charles Montgomery, author of Happy Cities. He’ll be sharing his experiences from Medellin, Curitiba, Vancouver and the West Coast of the United States to illustrate how to “…design more happiness into our urban spaces and systems.”

The Auckland Design Manual team will be at the conference, too. As the companion guide for the Unitary Plan, the ADM is an essential online resource for Auckland’s consent planners. With an extensive range of case studies, photography and design diagrams, the ADM works to translate planning policy into coherent best practice design.


Simon Harrison, programme lead for the ADM, is looking forward to the conference. “We’re working to further refine the ADM as a key resource for planners in Auckland, and across New Zealand. Being at the NZPI conference is a great opportunity to continue that conversation with many of New Zealand’s top planners.”

Drop by and meet the ADM team, search the ADM site online and check out our great tools and resources at the Auckland Council stand from 15-17 April.


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