Happy 2nd Birthday ADM!

ADM 2nd birthday

Today marks two years since a small group of delirious, sleep deprived yet dedicated people launched the Auckland Design Manual.

While Auckland’s focus may have been drawn to the simultaneous launch of the Proposed Unitary Plan, in the shadows was the dawn of an equally ambitious programme to create the world’s first integrated design system.

Auckland is the first city in the world to establish an integrated system for the design of projects at all scales within the city, from neighbourhood master-planning, through to park, street and building design.

The ADM is a true cross-council initiative, now involving over 17 departments to develop and maintain guidance on how to achieve ‘better’ in the city. We are also excited to be working with our friends at Auckland Transport in supporting their Transport Design Manual, to ensure a seamless integration between the two.

The ADM is now typically has 7,000 visitors a week, which equates to roughly each Aucklander who has submitted a resource consent this year visiting the site approximately 25 times.  This highlights the role of the design manual as a place to access a specific piece of guidance, rather than reading a guidance document from front to back.

Over the past two years our understanding of the role and potential of the ADM has also changed.

What started out as an ‘amalgamation project’ for council’s legacy design guidance has now evolved into a place for the whole city to share what ’better’ looks like, and improve how we share better from Matakana to Manukau, Murawai to Maratei.

In the coming months the ADM team is planning the launch of even more new content and resources on areas such as Māori Design and guidance on applying Te Aranga Design Principles, Universal Design to make our places and buildings more accessible to our wider community, and Active Design to promote healthy lifestyles.

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