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November 17, 2016

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What can I build under the Unitary Plan? And what does that look like?​

If you’re thinking of building under the new rules and are looking for the quick guide to the Unitary Plan, then you’ll be pleased to know the Auckland Design Manual’s Easy Guide to the Unitary Plan will be available this December.

The Design Manual team are working with teams across Auckland Council to produce a practical suite of tools that cover the essentials of permitted residential development in Auckland.

The purpose of the Unitary Plan Hub is to clearly illustrate the rules and help you to apply them to your next build.



Auckland Design Manual’s Easy Guide to the Unitary Plan has four key sections:

Know the rules

The Unitary Plan Quick Guide – that explains the standards in plain English with simple to follow diagrams.  Think of this as your 101 guide or “dummies guide” to the residential provisions of the Unitary Plan.

Apply the rules

A step-by-step guide – in this section you’ll find an illustrated guide on how to apply the rules for each zone and dwelling type.  Unsure of what you can do on your site?  Use these guides to establish where to put your building(s), how much of your site you can develop and how high you can go.

Design your home

In the Worked Examples section, you’ll find examples of architecturally drawn housing plans that comply with the Unitary Plan.  These can be used as a reference or inspiration for what you could build on your site.  Broken down into zones and housing types, use the Worked Examples to get an idea of what you can build under the new rules.

Build it right

This section provides a series of short modules that drill down into the specific elements of your building project – from garages and front yards to bedroom sizes and outdoor lighting.  Each module provides useful guidelines, measurements, and practical tips to help you build a functional and comfortable house.

We invite you to suggest modules you’d like to see in this section.

Send your suggestions to:​

Easy Guide to the Unitary Plan launches December 2016



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