Access to All Areas at the Universal Design Symposium

Newly elected Mayor Phil Goff warmly welcomed attendees to Access All Areas: Universal Design Symposium held at the Viaduct Events Centre last week. Universal Design is the idea that people should be at the center of every project, whether it is a building, a park, a street or a neighbourhood.

Want to know more about Universal Design and it’s goals, click the following link to watch a short video: What is Universal Design?


The New Mayor, Phil Goff


“Good design is vital to meet the needs of all people, of all ages and abilities so that everyone can enjoy Auckland safely and easily. It is obvious that all of us actually pass through those life-stages, from birth, childhood, to our senior years and to the end of our life. We need to have a city that copes for all of us at different stages of our life and need to take into account that one in five of us have some form of disability. We need to design our buildings, parks, streets and neighbourhoods so that we cater for the needs of all of our population” – Auckland Mayor Phil Goff.

Symposium attendees were from a variety of design, architecture, design, development related disciplines and the disability community. “I found the whole event very informative and glad I attended” – Symposium attendee. The symposium showcased the diversity of universal design including public buildings and shared spaces, workplaces, housing, and transport.

Valerie Fletcher, Executive Director of the Institute of Human Centered Design in Boston delivered keynote presentations for both the Symposium and Auckland Conversations, attended by a record 550 people.You can watch this talk here. Valerie spoke about the importance of people in design and provided international case studies of great design. She stressed that Auckland could lead the way in Universal design.


Keynote speaker, Valerie Fletcher


Attendees also heard from key players in the Universal design field including Auckland Design Office, Be. Accessible, The Blind Foundation, Boffa Miskell, CCS Disability Action, Lifemark, Moller Architects, Office for Disability Issues, Te Roopu Waiora Trust and Dr Zena O’Connor.

Auckland Council thanks the wide variety of people who attended and helped make the Universal Design Symposium a success last week including sponsors Lifemark and Resene.

Powerpoint presentations and transcripts from the Symposium are available below…

1) Keynote speaker, Valerie Fletcher, Institute for Human Centered Design

Presentation: Inclusive Design as Consequential innovation,

Download Transcript.pdf


Slide from Valerie Fletcher’s presentation


2) Speaker: Tania Kingi, Te Roopu Waiora Trust

Presentation available on request

Placing wellbeing back into the hands of whānau 

Download Transcript.pdf


3) Speaker: Dr Zena O’Connor

Presentation available on request

Colour/Contrast strategies to improve environmental visual literacy  

Download Transcript.pdf


4: Speaker:Megan Barclay, Be. Accessible

Presentation: Be in the work place

Download Transcript.pdf


Slide from Megan Barclay’s presentation



5) Speaker:  Geoff Penrose, Lifemark

Presentation: Joining the dots

Download Transcript.pdf

Slide from Geoff Penrose's presentation

Slide from Geoff Penrose’s presentation


6) Speaker: Paul Dickey, Office for Disability Issues

Presentation:  NZ Disability Strategy

Download Transcript.pdf

Slide from Paul Dicky's presentation

Slide from Paul Dickey’s presentation


7) Speaker: Gordon Moller and Terry St George,  Moller Architects

Presentation: Two waterfront projects

Download Transcript.pdf

Slide from Paul Gordon and Moller's presentation

Slide from Terry St George and Gordon Moller’s presentation


8) Speaker: Hellen Robinson, Auckland Design Office

Presentation: Launch of the Universal Design Tool

Download Transcript.pdf

Slide from Hellen Robinson's presentation

Slide from Hellen Robinson’s presentation


9) Panel discussion:

Carina Duke- Blind Foundation

Eric Van Essen- Auckland Transport

Vivian Naylor – CCS Disability Action

John Potter – Boffa Miskell

Presentation: Shared spaces panel discussion

Download Transcript.pdf

Slide from panel discussion

Slide from panel discussion





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