A sneak preview – the Mixed Use Design Guide coming 2016

We’ve been working on the Mixed Use Design Guide for Auckland and we want to give you a sneak preview of what’s coming this January 2016.

Mixed use spaces can be vertical, for example an apartment building which has retail spaces on the ground floor; or horizontal, with commercial or other non-residential spaces separated horizontally from residential spaces across a single site.

Mixed use spaces can be very positive from an urban design perspective.  If residents can access the goods and services they need within walkable hubs then traffic congestion eases and pollution is reduced. The convenience of nearby amenities also saves time and increases quality of life for those residents.


The benefits of taking on a mixed use development in the right area can include: higher rates of occupancy due to higher density; reducing the risk of oversupplying the market with a single building type; and creating a vibrant urban destination, resulting in higher immediate returns and increased long-term appreciation of property values.

mixed use

Mixed Use is becoming an increasingly common feature in Auckland development as land and property prices rise. We want to make it easier for designers and developers to deliver great mixed use developments that provide valuable amenity for Auckland residents. That is why we want your input.

By giving your feedback, you will also be contributing to our wider guidance.  We will be rolling out our Office and Retail Design Guidance, as well as refreshing our Residential Design Guidance, in the near future.

Take a sneak peek at the ADM’s Mixed Use Design Guide on: Auckland Design Manual: Wikispace

The entire draft design guide for Mixed Use will be available for discussion on this Wikispace from the 18th of January until the 25th of March 2016.

Here you can give feedback, add your own suggestions, upload photographs and much much more.


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2 Responses to “A sneak preview – the Mixed Use Design Guide coming 2016”

  1. Denny Says:

    To date the entire process for design & engagement has been pretty dire. Time for that to change, hopefully Panuku can do that? Lets see.

    Denny Thompson
    Ngaati Paoa iwi Ranger
    Ngaati Paoa Consultant
    email: dennythompson@outlook.com
    Mob: 0226130386


  2. Marina Says:

    I would like to see spaces like waterfront Cloud to be used for public. At the moment it is locked up most of the time. Local people walk around that building and a lot of tourists pass it by. What would be great is to make it open for public talks and discussions on popular topics initiated by groups and individuals. We could make a great use of technology to broadcast what New Zealand is talking about. There are a few existing open groups who would make a great use of that space making it a great tourist attraction without a major investment.


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