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The ADM is the go-to guide for anyone involved in design, building and development in Auckland. Our website now has an impressive library of exemplars, practical tools and a comprehensive range of design guides on offer. 


To help you find what you need, we have recently created quick-guides for three of our key audiences; home-builders, designers, and planners.

The quick-guides can be found on the home page of the Auckland Design Manual.

Builders 1b

If you are a home builder, the Home-Builder’s Quick-Guide gives you an overview of what’s likely to be useful to you on the ADM.  It will point you to useful resources like the ‘How to develop a new home’ guide.

Builders 7

This step-by-step document takes you through the entire process of building a home, from the first stages of planning all the way through to the building’s completion and the final handover. It includes guidance on important steps in the process, such as how to work successfully with designers and builders; and includes downloadable checklists to ensure you’re taking care of every important detail at the right stage of your project.

Builders 16b

The Designers Quick-Guide leads you straight to the features of the website you’ll find relevant as a design professional. It points to the housing hub, where you’ll find everything related to home design. You’ll also find detailed case studies illustrating successful residential projects.

designers 6a

We have compiled best-practice exemplars from New Zealand and abroad so that you have a variety of inspirational and relevant research at your fingertips. You might also want to check out our Success Story videos which outline the development story of well-designed and well-executed medium density homes in Auckland.

Designers 14

The Planners Quick-Guide outlines how the website is organised under a design criteria system. It shows you where to find housing plans or worked examples that align with Auckland’s Proposed Unitary Plan.  You’ll also discover the residential case studies, which indicate the design outcomes each project has achieved.

Planners one stop shop 7

The Planners Quick-Guide also leads you to our exemplar Design Statements, which support applicants to plan and deliver developments that better integrate the design with the site and its surroundings.

Planners one stop shop 16

Check out the quick guide you are likely to use and include it in your Favourites page: Auckland Design Manual


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