5 Things To Consider With Small-Scale Subdivision

Here’s another video about the Newell Street project, as seen on The Block TV series.  Here the architects present their five key steps to consider when approaching small-scale subdivision.

1) Review the constraints of the site.

To get the best value from the site make sure you consider issues such as solar orientation, the relationship with the neighbouring houses and the street.

2) Employ a good consultant team.

Engage the professional services of surveyors, architects and planners as early as possible.

3) Design for the site.

Consider the context of the site and the services required, such as vehicle and pedestrian access to the site and drainage.  This can become more complicated when fitting additional houses on a site.

4) Prioritise the design of outdoor spaces.

A more compact Auckland can still be a lovely lush Auckland provided the outdoor spaces are well designed.

5) Have a look at the Auckland Design Manual.

The ADM provides a range of useful tips on subdivision and design for a variety of scales. Check out our Subdivision Guidance


Click the following link to watch: Five Tips for Small-Scale Subdivision


Context video 2c

Context Architects_The Block III_26 Newell St_111


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