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The Secret to Affordable Apartments: House People not Cars

April 28, 2017


This week the ADM team get the lowdown from the architects and developers behind some of Australia’s most forward-thinking apartment developments. With construction and land costs escalating exponentially over the last couple of decades in Auckland, the demand for more affordable housing options has never been more pressing.  Apartments are often heralded as the solution to our housing […]

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High-Density for Families

April 21, 2017

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Following on from last week’s post on the future of apartments in Auckland, this week the ADM looks at family-orientated housing and how it can be provided within a high-density environment. Like many cities around the world faced with rapid population growth, Auckland is looking to progress as a ‘compact’ city with dense urban centres. These […]

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Apartments…A part of your neighbourhood?

April 13, 2017

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Auckland’s housing shortage has climbed to more than 40,000 homes. During April, the Auckland Design Manual will be looking at the different methods of tackling this shortfall. This week we’re looking at apartments. Three years ago, I could boast that my home in uptown Auckland had harbour views. You had to squint, but they were there. […]

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The Art of the Planner

April 7, 2017


With the NZPI Annual Conference taking place this week in Wellington, urban planning briefly finds itself in the limelight. To celebrate, the ADM takes a look at the ‘art’ of  planning. When I decided to commit four years of my life to a planning degree, my parents didn’t quite jump for joy.  For some time they […]

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