EXTENDED – What’s your new Auckland home? Explore the future of Auckland’s housing in Aotea Square (6pm 13th – 10am 22nd Sept).

In the past, our homes have been synonymous with the villa, the bungalow and the quarter-acre dream. Today, with changing lifestyles and a rapidly growing population, what we picture as a typical ‘Auckland Home’ is changing.

Sunderland Terraces

As a part of the 2017 Festival of Architecture, join the Auckland Design Manual and explore the future of housing in a growing city.

We will be showcasing a range of housing designs in Aotea Square  (16th-22nd Sept),  that you might expect to see more of around our city, and you might choose to live-in in the future.

From compact inner city living for freewheeling singles, to large scale family homes in the sky, we’ve got examples to reflect a range of budgets, lifestyles and family needs.


While the homes on display are radically different, they all share common themes that speak to the future of our city:

The future is compact: with an increase in single person dwellings, there will be a corresponding rise in compact houses and apartments. We show you that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better – beautiful, functional and affordable housing can fit comfortably within 35-40m2.

The future is greener: an awareness of the local and global impacts of our lives will lead to homes with a lighter environmental footprint. Onsite energy production, living walls, water capture and re-use, healthy materials, and numerous other sustainability features will become standard.

The future is collective: to increase affordability and support community, we will be smarter with how we use our resources, leading to communal gardens, shared cars, and energy that is produced, stored and shared locally.

The future remains the same: We’ll still have large homes for families, they just might swap the backyard for balconies.


The exhibition runs day and night. Pop down anytime and have your say – what’s the new Auckland Home for you?

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