Time to celebrate Auckland’s architecture- Auckland Architecture week

September 23, 2015

Design for Auckland

We’re currently slap bang in the middle of Auckland’s Architecture Week which runs until 27th of September 2015.

This year it features a fantastic and engaging range of events and activities carefully chosen to engage any level of architectural curiosity. Book a seat on a bungalow tour, take in a film or three, head to the museum for a rapid-fire Pecha Kucha with a heavy design twist, hear about the ‘zizz and zing’ of one of the country’s most talked about new buildings, The Len Lye Centre, take a mental trip to Jean Nouvel’s Paris Philharmonic Building via Auckland Conversations, or take part in a student design comp (if you’re a student…).

All this, and, of course, much more. Like last year, this year’s Architecture Week hub is the Sir Paul Reeves Building at AUT University but events will also be taking place in other parts of the city. You can find out details of all events at http://architectureweek.co.nz/, or visit the facebook page 


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