Introducing the new case study performance evaluation page

May 29, 2015

Housing for Life

The evaluation page is a quick snap shot of how well a project has performed in the ADM’s key guidance areas: Site design, Placing the building, Street to front door, Outdoor spaces, Accommodating cars, The building.

The Beaumont Quarter criteria

There are also snap shot evaluation pages for each of the Māori Design Case Studies, that indicate which Te Aranga Principles (Mana, Whakapapa, Taiao, Mauri Tū, Mahi Toi, Tohu and Ahi Ka) the project has performed well in.

Wigram skies criteria

The performance evaluation page has been created to improve clarity around which design outcomes a project exemplifies and the outcomes a project has under-performed in.

These pages have been added thanks to the excellent feedback the ADM team received from Auckland Council Planners from across the regions.

Check out the ADM’s case studies library: ADM Case Study Hub

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