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Reclaiming the Laneways

June 27, 2016


During the 20th century of car-dominated movement, when streets grew wider and motorways fuelled suburban expansion, some smaller streets were completely forgotten. Traditionally providing access to the rear of buildings, these narrow lanes, or laneways, present a unique opportunity to extend, diversify and provide some inner city magic to the public realm.   Leftover from […]

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Squaring our past with our futures…

September 22, 2015


If a picture paints a thousand words, then a place can tell a thousand stories.  No where is that more true than Freyberg Square in Auckland’s High Street precinct, which has played host to millions of people over the years, and provides the backdrop for many of their life stories. When it therefore comes to […]

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No space for parking?! New solutions for a new generation.

July 17, 2015


  Back in the 1950s, before the tram lines were ripped out, shoppers perambulating up and down the escalator-shaped mass that is our Queen Street would have been able to smell the ocean. These days, that ocean scent is a masked somewhat by exhaust fumes, as around 60,000 drivers a day stream into the CBD, […]

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What if Auckland’s ‘bus streets’ were also civic streets?

May 15, 2015


Imagine what Auckland would be like if bus travel and the passengers’ experiences were the priority. If you run a search in google images for ‘streets designed for buses and commuters in Auckland’, no doubt the result will be row upon row of street images that are, by and large, designed for cars. Yes, you […]

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Good Streets Take Time

March 31, 2015


It’s all too easy to forget the long hours of planning and elbow grease that go into transforming Auckland. Here’s a short retrospective time-lapse of Federal Street undergoing its first phase of transformation. Click the following link to view: Transforming Federal Street Thanks  Auckland Council, SkyCity, Auckland Transport John Fillmore Contracting Ltd and Boffa Miskell

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