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Happy 2nd Birthday ADM!

September 30, 2015


Today marks two years since a small group of delirious, sleep deprived yet dedicated people launched the Auckland Design Manual. While Auckland’s focus may have been drawn to the simultaneous launch of the Proposed Unitary Plan, in the shadows was the dawn of an equally ambitious programme to create the world’s first integrated design system. […]

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Time to celebrate Auckland’s architecture- Auckland Architecture week

September 23, 2015


We’re currently slap bang in the middle of Auckland’s Architecture Week which runs until 27th of September 2015. This year it features a fantastic and engaging range of events and activities carefully chosen to engage any level of architectural curiosity. Book a seat on a bungalow tour, take in a film or three, head to the museum for […]

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Kids have their time in driver’s seat: shaping a community hub in the heart of the city

September 22, 2015


I’m perched al fresco on High Street watching the street life unfold on a mild Thursday afternoon. Shoppers are sifting through stores seeking spring sales. Weary office workers in crinkled suits are trickling out of their offices.  Tourists are angling aimlessly up the street towards the art gallery. What captures my attention is a little […]

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Squaring our past with our futures…

September 22, 2015


If a picture paints a thousand words, then a place can tell a thousand stories.  No where is that more true than Freyberg Square in Auckland’s High Street precinct, which has played host to millions of people over the years, and provides the backdrop for many of their life stories. When it therefore comes to […]

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